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Used these apps for ages, but never properly I suspect!
(categories: mac audio recording soundflower podcasting)

"You probably know by now that your iPhone/Android collects the position data of wifi and cell networks near by. [..] We would like to combine as many of these log files as possible, create an open database of wifi and cell networks and thus visualize how these networks are distributed all over the world."
(categories: apple iphone ios wifi privacy android)

"Open Data Commons is the home of a set of legal ‘tools’ to help you provide and use open data."
(categories: science law standards)

Looks like Mac OS X. Huh.
(categories: unity ubuntu gnome linux)

"Never give, even if you are out numbered by eight."
(categories: art colour)

"The IBM Thinkpad X31 is a wonderful little laptop which contains everything you need for your everyday work" The X40 is almost as affordable, and even more awesome too :)
(categories: archlinux hardware thinkpad thinkpadx40 thinkpadx30)

I do things a little differently, but a good starter guide.
(categories: hardware howto linux thinkpadx40 archlinux)

"With Virgin Blue, I don’t think we got it wrong, but I think times have moved on and there’s just sort of this realisation that why let Qantas keep all of that money? It would have been better had we done it ten years ago but we finally realised."
(categories: business virgin aviation richardbranson australia)

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