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Seems like a good idea, even if the site design is another cliche bubblegum web 2.0 thing.
(categories: design code programming web)

"The Lies of Sarah Palin is a journalistic tour de force that vividly reveals the Queen of the Tea Party movement as a vengeful and manipulative empress without clothes. This is the definitive book on Sarah Palin."
(categories: politics books unitedstates)

"Fan Control adjusts the minimum fan speed depending on the current CPU temperature. For safety, it leaves the original automatic fan speed control intact."
(categories: mac osx software macbook apple)

Epic art, go the colour! :D
(categories: sayonara-zetsubou-sensei anime art)

Cute, though knew it already ;)
(categories: language twitter)

"The problem, as Businessweek's Ben Austen decribes it, is that express buses have so changed "the way Americans—especially the young—travel" that "they may help kill plans for new railroads."
(categories: news travel railfan railways hsr)

Hope this goes somewhere, interface looks gorgeous and QML would be too much fun.
(categories: news tablets intel meego qml qt)

"Mississippi leads the nation in almost everything that a state doesn't want to lead the nation in. Mississippi is the poorest state in the union, with the highest poverty rate and the lowest quality of life. And the state government is ineffective and oblivious when it isn't just plain corrupt."
(categories: news unitedstates politics)

"Asylum seekers who commit criminal offences in detention are likely to be denied permanent visas in a move opponents say is a return to the temporary protection visas of the Howard government."
(categories: news australia humanrights johnhoward)

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