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I'll believe it when I see it.
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I thought airlines used Twitter to ignore their customers and dismiss negative PR… :P
(categories: airlines twitter)

"Support the rebellion! Support Pizza Hut!"
(categories: anime codegeass pizzahut)

Meanwhile, where tax dollars are being used to build forward thinking public transport infrastructure…
(categories: publictransport mrt singapore trains)

IRQs are Yummy Cookies
(categories: freebsd bsd interrupts documentation)

"Film industry granted path to cut infringer's net access." Be afraid.
(categories: australia internet copyright corruption)

This looks like a really beautiful, lightweight alternative to Thunderbird.
(categories: email gtk opensource linux bsd)

Great satire ;)
(categories: apple hardware stevejobs)

Glad some people are finally working up the guts to call people like Alan Jones out. They're the Becks and Limbaughs of Aussie radio.
(categories: australia radio politics fauxnews)

Hipsters have co-opted my style! Well at least some of it, I can count a few of these as being things I am/have/are! But I'm not a hipster, don't worry.
(categories: funny hipster bingo)

The "UNITED" lettering on the 767 is far more balanced in this scheme than the 747.
(categories: photos design aviation boeing767)

I'm (clearly!) in the minority of people who think the combined United/Continental livery looks really classy, especially on this airframe. The titles are far too small on the 747 though.
(categories: photos design aviation boeing744)

A look into a darker chapter of Taiwanese and KMT history. Worth reading for the comments people have left.
(categories: taiwan china history theeconomist)

It's like looking into a time machine! For many years this was what looked like before I started using it as a blog. Except mine had green and pink as well ;)
(categories: wordpress themes design colour)

Lamenting the "demise" of anime quality… again?
(categories: gurrenlagann anime)

A cute little coffee machine icon
(categories: icons graphics design art)

That headline is just awful ;)
(categories: hardware retro thinkpad x40 ibm)