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Sad but true.
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Much cleaner, simpler layout
(categories: google search internet)

"On 26 July 2010, auDA terminated the accreditation of Australian Style Pty Ltd trading as Bottle Domains due to a serious breach of its obligations under the Registrar Agreement "
(categories: australia domains registrars)

(categories: funny retro tech 1980s nostalgia computing hardware media advertising)

Alas its Flash, but has some uplifting information
(categories: infocom ict it data information internet statistics storage trends video)

Whatever they say mine is, it's too much!
(categories: twitter fun internet socialnetworking)

(categories: design studies diagrams java opensource foss software uml)

(categories: collaboration internet security web privacy antispam spam)

(categories: news history russia uk ussr)

So far I haven't found it.
(categories: tck thirdculturekids business bidness familyguy)

"To help illustrate Facebook's shift away from privacy, we have highlighted some excerpts from Facebook's privacy policies over the years. Watch closely as your privacy disappears, one small change at a time!"
(categories: ethics facebook history internet privacy socialnetworking)

(categories: bittorrent blogs media)

"America’s shareholders find a voice to condemn undeserved compensation". Sounds good, but not holding my breath
(categories: business bidness publiccompanies economics shares ethics)

(categories: netbsd bsd kernel)

Funny because they're true
(categories: security privacy quotes funny)

"This is without doubt the single greatest thing on Earth, and the very reason the Internet was invented." +1!
(categories: startrek funny photoshopping pointless)

(categories: freethought god humour religion skepticism science)

Bummer, it's behind a paywall now. Oh well.
(categories: creationism denial politics religion science)

(categories: books japan history fiction)

"By giving your first preference to a major party, you’re helping lock in more of the same policies. By giving it to the Greens, you’re helping to give them real competition."
(categories: politics australia greens elections)

Already looks funny now with hindsight: "Tonight, the leaders of Australia’s two main political parties will square off in a nationally broadcast debate that will discuss issues likely to dominate political debate in the lead up to this year’s federal election."
(categories: politics religion australia elections kevinrudd tonyabbott)

Won't change anything, of course.
(categories: news politics wars un)

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