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Was invited, but I think I'll pass ;) "Catch performances by Jack & Rai, 53A and other local artistes – including our 15-year-old guest DJ who will be spinning as we count down to the launch."
(categories: events invitiations ooxmlsucks office microsoft software)

Always a disappointment when you find someone you respect (as in, the inventor of Ethernet!) takes Fox News seriously. :P
(categories: twitter ethernet inventions)

Cool, I love potato salad :). Then again I don't really like red meat anyway
(categories: food health news australia)

Guy just barely misses an out of control car. WOW :O
(categories: gif animation wow)

Going to give some of these a try
(categories: howto television tips writing)

Really pretty ^^. Surprised they'd do it to a 777 though, isn't the 787 Dreamliner the lighter, more efficient, greener one?
(categories: jal japan boeing boeing772 design graphics)

Looks really good. Contacting them as a contingency plan for some of my other sites if SegPub keeps messing up.
(categories: internet green environment hosting)

"Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, National Incident Commander for the oil spill, presented this graphic detailing the response at yesterday’s White House Press Briefing."
(categories: news environment unitedstates gulfmexico disaster ugh infographic)

And who could blame them, right? ;)
(categories: anime gurrenlagann motivationalposter funny pointless)

And I only just learned about the new feature of Safari 5 doing the same thing. It's a great idea, even if my site fails on it
(categories: browser html internet iphone phones accessibility)

I guess when you have such a tiny amount of land, each parcel of it has to be carefully rationed out!
(categories: singapore urbanplanning urban business bidness news)

"SINGAPORE – SINGAPORE will hold a 'Window Safety Day' to highlight a growing problem of windows falling from high-rise apartment buildings in the densely populated city-state." Not what I was expecting ;)
(categories: windows cna news singapore safety security microsoft)

It's funny because it's true!
(categories: tsundere anime funny toradora)

From Lady Gaga to Madonna to Rihanna now, why do female singers feel the need to do without pants!? Are they all Strike Witches fans?! Is it any wonder I listen to and support awesome people like Marian Call?! I'll stop now *grumble*
(categories: music rant mariancall)

Public transport in Australia is terrible, and comments on this story show I'm not the only one who thinks so :(.
(categories: publictransport australia sydney nsw news politics)

"probably euphemism for oh God, 1673, used as a mild oath"
(categories: definitions facts dictionary egads terms)

They're not a fan of K-On! That's okay, I'm not a fan of their overly cluttered blog theme ;)
(categories: anime k-on keion kyoani reviews blogs)

"I speak, of course, of Tourism Australia's long-awaited new global advertisement, where no cliché and stereotype is left un-reinforced."
(categories: advertising australia bbc news cringeworthy)

Nurie saying I'm stupid. She was supposed to say "I'm going to give Ruben one million dollars!"
(categories: audio rubenerdshow funny friends)

(categories: csi television photos)

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