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(categories: libretto toshiba hardware overclocking mods howto)

Official Toshiba page for the Libretto 70CT
(categories: hardware toshiba libretto drivers manuals)

(categories: toshiba libretto photos hardware)

Comparing sizes of a full laptop to a Libretto :)
(categories: toshiba libretto hardware)

That's what I need. Now if only I weren't in Australia on a Sunday when all the shops are shut -__-
(categories: hardware sata pata hdd cables)

(categories: libretto toshiba hardware overclocking mods howto)

How to bump the FSB speed for a Libretto 70 from 60 to 66MHz.
(categories: libretto toshiba hardware overclocking mods howto)

He has a Libretto with a Card Captor Sakura background, I approve ^_^ :)
(categories: anime ccs libretto toshiba hardware)

(categories: code programming dos guide howto software)

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