Links for 2009-11-19


Links shared from today:

What the Windows XP hill looks like now
(categories: photography microsoft windows art design desktops)

Even private jets have peanuts
(categories: aviation photos aeroplanes boeing 737 privatejet)

Go the fake wood veneer :)
(categories: aviation tupolev photos aeroplanes)

Retro 1970s :)
(categories: aviation dc8 photos aeroplanes)

"Coffee behemoth Starbucks will replace conventional lights with light emitting diode (LED) bulbs in 8,000 stores by March of next year."
(categories: news energy led starbucks light)

"SINGAPORE: Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo met US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday morning, and exchanged views on global and regional issues."
(categories: economics singapore news apec asiapacific)

A PC iMac!
(categories: imac pc hardware funny tech)

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