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"If you do not have a floppy disk drive, you may want to create a bootable USB memory key which will allow you to boot into a pure DOS environment. This can be very useful if you want to flash your BIOS."
(categories: thinkpad x40 ibm hardware bios usb memorykey)

(categories: thinkpad x40 ibm hardware fix bios)

(categories: thinkpad x40 graphics intel intel855gm xorg x11 error)

(categories: thinkpad x40 graphics intel intel855gm xorg x11 error)

(categories: thinkpad x40 ibm hardware debian linux)

"These are the steps and settings in getting FreeBSD running on an IBM Thinkpad X40. This article deals with a non-dual boot setup, and installation using IBM's USB DVD-CDRW drive."
(categories: thinkpad x40 ibm hardware freebsd bsd)

"A new IBM Thinkpad, so time to install Linux. This time Suse 9.1"
(categories: thinkpad x40 ibm hardware linux suse)

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