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Links shared from today:

"Observing American Rabbis unite over Palestinian rights is an inspiring sight."
(categories: politics middleeast givepeaceachance humanrights)

"Kingston Random Access Memory (RAM), Computer Memory, Computers at Australia"
(categories: thinkpad hardware shopping ram memory)

(categories: photos ibm thinkpad images lenovo)

"It's hard to say for sure exactly what the problem is. But, the inverter lights up the light in LCD panel. Your cheapest fix is to replace the inverter located in the LCD panel and if that doesn't work then the light is burned out in the LCD panel itself. You would be then looking at replacing LCD panel. Could also be a loose wire, but not likely."
(categories: parts macbookpro apple hardware)

"922-7191. This is a brand new inverter board assembly for the MacBook Pro"
(categories: parts macbookpro apple hardware)

"661-3950 or 661-4015. This is the 15" LCD TFT Display and backlight for the MacBook Pro."
(categories: parts macbookpro apple hardware)

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