Leigh Dodds on in-language


As you’ve probably noticed by now, I thought today might be fun to share a few quotes from people I like. Here’s Leign Dodds sharing a tweet from a gaming company:

@BungieHelp: Due to an issue, we have disabled the Telesto Exotic fusion rifle in all Crucible and Gambit activities and the Thermoclastic Blooming Artifact mod in all activities.

His response:

For a very specific group of people this probably means a great deal. But I frankly haven’t a clue what a Thermoclastic Blooming Artifact might be. It sounds expensive. Or possibly something you should treat liberally with ointment.

The Algorithm constantly recommends me gamer videos, probably beause I watch Hololive streamers. One was about Overwatch, a game I’ve never played or had an interest in. They strung entire sentences together with words I recognised in isolation, but together they may as well have been Markov-trained off a dictionary. It was entertaining in the most surreal way possible.

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