Learning of BlueSCSI


This morning I learned of BlueSCSI, an open source SCSI to SD-card adaptor for retro computers. Their Twitter profile has some great photos of people using them in their classic Apple hardware.

I’m tempted to try one for my Pentium 1 tower. The more I use it, the more I’m convinced its chipset or IDE controller might be a bit funky. It’s extremely particular with the CompactFlash cards I’m using with passive adaptors, to the point where I don’t want to disrupt the delicate balance I have right now. All the SD to IDE adaptors I’ve tried have introduced their own problems atop this.

I was going to go down the route of buying a new PCI IDE daughterboard, because performance doesn’t matter to me as much as reliability. But the machine already has a Jaz Jet SCSI accelerator card and a spare plug on its ribbon cable, so I’m tempted to give it a shot :).

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