This software is wicked! It turns your PC into an animated LCARS terminal! Unfortunately it only works in MS-DOS or Windows… though come to think of it does that mean I could use it in DOSBox on my MacBook Pro? Actually for it to work as a Universal Binary on my MacBook Pro it would need to be this version of DOSBox. Hmm… I'll have to find out.

Only one thing: isn't everyone in the 24th century using the Metric system and Day/Month/Year date formatting, like the rest of the world is now? I hope you can customise the clock…

For those who don't know what LCARS is, it was the graphical/text interface for the Federation Starfleet starships in Star Trek. For those who don't know what the Federation is, it's the union of planets in the 24th century of which Earth is a part of. For those who don't know what Earth is, please seek medical attention.

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