Lazy Sunday, anime figs, missing email


This coffee shop just started playing a Rachael Yamagata song. There’s a name and tune I haven’t heard in a while; her stuff is great.

Happy Sunday! Clara and I were involved in a house move, while we were both sick. I had a compromised immune system, picked up something, so naturally she got it too. I feel as though we need a solid week just to recover, but I’ll take a lazy Sunday :).

We’ve got the furniture where we need, today’s pressing task is unpacking anime figs. We both sold more than half of our collections to save space, including some that perhaps had less clothing on than would be permitted in polite company. Ah anime. But it’s still too many. Anyone in Chatswood want a Yoko Bunny fig?

Yoko from Gurren Lagann in her new bunny attire

I’ve also just realised that my new spam filter has been far more zealous than I thought, and caught dozens of legitimate comments and messages over the last month or so. I’ll hopefully get around to replying to everyone in the coming days.

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