Launching my code snippet site… maybe…


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Given it's my birthday and all that, I thought I'd use the time to announce an announcement: I [might be] starting a new blog thingy for code snippets!

Here’s what I was thinking

When I'm stuck on a problem often it isn't the huge projects people have made public online that help me, they're little code snippets that show how to do something, how something works, or that elegantly demonstrate a concept. Other times I discover or learn how to do something myself and I make a note of it. These go for programming languages, package managers, resource and configuration files, how to talk to girls… wait, scratch that last one.

Over the years I've hoarded a ton of these gems, and it occurred to me: why not make them public? I already blog way too much here, so I figured I could start a new blog where each post is just a snippet, and each will be tagged with the platform and language. Kinda like my current dotfiles folder on but with links. No extra fluff.

I'm aware of a ton of sites that let you share code snippets, but I'd prefer to keep things in house. I already import my tweets each day because the idea of having my data on a server I don't control worries me. Plus it'll be more fun :).

I'm thinking of resurrecting my old Perl FastCGI script from the old days this blog back when it was on the domain, I wrote it to be fast and it used more crypto than a nuclear submarine, plus it works on an SQLite database which kept things simple. Come to think of it, I forget why I moved off it in the first place.

Anyway stay tuned!

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