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These look cool, and I love the name. Think of Raspberry Pis, but with a quad-core Intel Atom CPU instead of an ARM chip, and Arduino compatibility. It seems the world is moving towards the latter CPU architecture, but you can’t beat amd64 compatibility.

The site lists the following specifications:

Processor: Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 Quad Core 1.8GHz
Operation System: Pre-installed full edition of Windows 10
Storage: 32GB
GPU: Intel HD, 12 EUs @200-500 Mhz, single-channel RAM
USB: One USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports
Wireless: WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0
Arduino Co-processor: ATmega32u4
Video output: HDMI, MIPI-DSI, touch panel overlay connector
Ethernet: 100Mbps
• 6 GPIOs from Cherry Trail processor
• 20 GPIOs from Arduino Leonardo
• 6 Plug and play Gravity sensor connectors
Power: 5v/2A
Dimensions of Board: 88 * 70 mm/ 3.46 * 2.76 inches
Packing Size: 110 * 94 * 30 mm/4.33 * 3.70 * 1.18 inches
Weight: 55g net, 100g gross

I wonder if it’d run FreeBSD, or NetBSD?

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