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Telekom Malaysia

You may have read a few days ago that our telephones were stuffing up around Gita Bayu and therefore so was our DSL: well would you believe… it intermittently happened over and over again these last few days. I've got Nelly and Tim McGraw singing "Over and Over Again" in my head as I type this. Argh I hate hip hop! There's usually enough time to post a few things to my page and to read my email but it cuts out and resets so often it's been driving me to insanity!

I couldn't upload Rubenerd Shows because they would cut out after the first 2 megs, so I've resorted to going all the way into the city to upload these shows. The WiFi here at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a bit unreliable but much, MUCH better than at home.

I'm thinking of a drastic way to rescue the show and bring it back to a regular schedule, it has to do with the way WordPress can submit posts with a time delay and recording shows a week in advance, but I'll discuss that in more detail next episode. Hopefully this way if there are delays the show will continue uninterrupted; the only downside I see with this is that I won't be able to talk about current events as easily.

Damn the monsoon season!

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