A tall Michael Franks on a reduced Last.fm


Given Last.fm's probably necessary but poorly executed recent move to charge people living outside select countries, Ruben relegated it to the roll of just keeping track of music he's played via it's scrobbling client in order to generate his own music charts.

He wondered where they got the word scrobble from in the first place. He thought it sounded like a budget brand of oat cereal. You know, the one with "clusters" or "pieces" or "sultanas" or whatever it is the blasted granola lobby calls them these days. Scrobble is a part of a nutritious breakfast, along with Eggo and Pop Tarts. Yeesh.

Upon updating his profile to reflect this narrowing of use of his Last.fm account, he noticed his sister had a graphic displaying her most played artist along with a percentage breakdown of said artist and her two runner-ups. He also noticed he started referring to himself in the third person for some reason beyond him.

Ruben decided the graphic his sister had looked just smashing, so he proceeded to direct his browser to BloGate's last.fm sidebar image generator to create one for himself. He entered his username and was presented with the graphic you see to the right of this text.

He was surprised that the living jazz legend Michael Franks was played a stupendously ridiculous (he liked the phrasing of that) 10% of the time. He knew he was obsessed with his music, but certainly not to that extent. End of communique.

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