Free Is Free group shuts its doors

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The end of an era. No I'm not talking about someone pulling a Vincent Van Gogh (oh come on, that was a quality joke), I mean that one of the groups on which was started in direct response to the site forcing customers to pay for streaming if they lived outside the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany has shut its electronic doors.


We found this group to have free again. We reached thousand of users, we stroke with several methods.

But we forgot one thing, Free’dom Is Not Free, Free’dom is under control of some bosses.

We are so sorry, because we are not succeed.

Thank you, thanks for all supports and ideas…

We reached the end…

Note: Group will be closed in this week. Some materials are transferred to to be archived, you can reach these materials with label on

Free Is Free Group Founder
Oguz Kaan Cagatay Kilinc

I've long since moved to for my scrobbling needs but it's still sad to see this happen. I bought more than a few CDs in direct response to being recommended various tunes on the site, but this won't happen any more, at least with them. Oh well, their loss.

In the meantime I'm listening to a Rod Picott CD I bought after hearing it Whole Wheat Radio from a country outside the US, UK and Germany no less! Whole Wheat Radio (tune in directly here) is a website with independent music and therefore is unencumbered by the fleeting, nonsensical whims of the RIAA. I like a little nonsense now and then, but not in this context!

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