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My obituary post for the Free is Free group turns out to have been premature. Less than a few days after writing up said post I've been informed by the group leader that they're back in business by popular demand.

[FREE IS FREE] We Will Continue To Our Strike

If you want to continue strike, we will continue…
But we must accept that we must increase our striking level.

And if we want to reach the result, we must study more…

Group will not be closed and our strike will be continue…

We will take back our free’dom with our power…


P.S: Thanks for all positive/negative comments for continuing strike. Our group won’t be closed, decision is cancelled…

Free Is Free Founder
Oguz Kaan Cagatay Kilinc

I wish them the best of luck in their efforts, but to be honest I'm doubtful their efforts will make any impact. has made clear their intentions to stand beside the RIAA and to charge customers outside areas of the world they perceive as being worth their trouble, and I doubt anything but a complete exodus of users would change that.

I encourage those who want to scrobble and keep track of their played tunes online to move over to and import your profiles.

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