Labor doesn’t want the university student vote


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From my girlfriend Clara’s site:

I heard today that uni funding has been cut again [..] the gist is that the 10% discount on upfront payments of HECs will be scrapped, voluntary paying back of HECs loans will lose the 5% bonus and Student Start Up Scholarships must be repaid once the student starts working.

The constant political infighting, the watering down of the Mining Tax, this complete and utter contempt for university students and the future of the country (paying back “scholarships” is my favourite)… I regard this current Australian government as nothing but a joke at this stage.

But here’s the truly depressing thing. Labor knows I would never vote for the conservative coalition under Tony Abbott, so they know for people like me they can get away with this. I’ve seen Labor MPs on Twitter defend the plan by saying Tony Abbott would be worse. What a platform.


Great catch from by Alex Masso on Twitter, seen via Greens Senator Christine Milne:

senatormilne: RT @alexmasso: “I fervently believe in and will continue to advocate that increases be made in funding the university sector” – David Gonski

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