Kyle Lanchman on iOS navigation, and music


iOS developer Kyle Lanchman emailed about my frustration over iOS navigation:

The customizable tab bar! It seems like there’s not an app left in existence that’s using Apple’s built-in More menu and tab bar customization. This hit me just recently as I began work on an update to my app. I want to add a sixth tab, so I thought I’d use Apple’s “More” menu / customization, but I was having second thoughts: “Why doesn’t anyone use this? Is the API terrible to work with?” About the only complaint I have as a user is that the customization process is bit unintuitive at first.

We’re a dying breed, but I do remember how brilliant that feature was. I tend to listen to albums over playlists and individual songs (especially during a commute or a long walk), so I’d always rearrange the footer navigation to put links for artists and albums first.

Also, check out Kyle’s iOS AniList client Ryuusei! I’ve been decidedly lax with my anime and manga logging these days, but I remember having a lot of fun with that in The Before Times on MAL. I might write a proper post about this soon.

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