#KyaryPamyuPamyu in Sydney!


Kyary in Sydney!

Suffice to say, I was far too busy jumping around and generally making a complete nerdy arse of myself to take decent pictures during Kyary’s first Australian concert. In a nod to her fans here, she even donned koala ears towards the end!

There was a time in my teens and early twenties when I gave a shit about what other people thought of my hobbies, musical tastes and so forth. Surrounded by anime otaku, nerds and J-Pop fans all dressed in their costumes dancing along to the shamelessly clean fun of Kyary was an amazing experience. That feeling of belonging as we revel in this unique culture was even more so.

Arigato~ ^_^. Both to Kyary, and to Clara for shouting me these tickets for my birthday :”).

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