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| KVM | Input | Video | Switching | Notes | location: sydney

MasterView CS84A | 2x PS/2 | VGA | Hotkey, buttons | | | BELKIN
SOHO F1DS104LAU | USB hub | VGA | Hotkey, button | Expensive | | ServerLink
SL-471-D | USB hub | DVI-D | Button | No VGA passthru | | TRENDNet
TK-400K | 2x PS/2 | VGA | Hotkey, button | |

This post was supposed to be a draft markdown table test, but it published anyway.

Now that it’s here, I may as well explain. This is a table of KVMs and their capabilities. I’m looking into them for my home workstation setup, and need one with VGA and either 2 USB ports or 2 PS/2 ports.

More to come in a proper post.

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