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Unicomp SpaceSaver keyboard

It's often the case people are quick to report negative experiences with products and companies, but they don't talk when something goes well.

Yesterday I ordered a Unicomp SpaceSaver bucking spring keyboard and paid in full as talked about here. A few hours later I received an email:

Thank you very much for your recent keyboard order. As you are aware, shipping costs today are considerable and an important part of your buying decision. We want you to understand that we do not add handling costs and we pass along discounts we receive from our carriers so our shipping rates are among the lowest in the industry.


The shipping costs do not include any duties or taxes which your country may impose. […] Please give us your approval and tell us how we should ship your order. An email note with the appropriate tracking information will be sent when the order ships.

Jim Owens

So by being an international customer I received an email shortly afterwards with a list of shipping options to Singapore including prices and estimated arrival times, and I was given the option to choose on the proviso that if they can get them shipped cheaper they'll refund me the difference.

I haven't even received said keyboard yet, but my email exchanges with Unicomp including this recent message have really impressed me. The people who run this company are friendly, honest and sincere. Other online retailers could really! learn from these people.

If I love this keyboard as I suspect I will, I'll be recommending Unicomp to everyone I know.

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