Kmahjongg and gingerbread at 0206am


He shoots…

Down to my last 2 tiles in Kmahjongg!

He scores!

Kmahjongg: You have won!

Don't you love insomnia?

If you want to get yourself KMahjongg from the KDE project and you're running FreeBSD or NetBSD, update your ports tree or pkgsrc and make install clean in the kdegames3 subdirectory in the… wait for it… games directory.

If you installed the entire KDE system from scratch, or if you're running PC-BSD, Kubuntu or another such system with KDE pre-installed, you've already got it in your Games KDE menu folder! Just don't expect to get any work done with this game and any of the others that install along with it!

And now I'm off to bed. Just read on Twitter that Dave Wares is sitting at Costa Coffee having a Gingerbread latte and a biscotti. I'll be having food related dreams again tonight. Is that normal? Ah but we all know how I hate to be normal right?

Oh and the desktop background on my FreeBSD desktop machine is Nodoka (the one on the far left, one of my favourite anime/manga characters!) and friends from Negima; I like having festive backgrounds at this time of the year you see :).

Nodoka and friends from Negima festive wallpaper

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