In response to the continual antics of Zuckerberg and Co, today was the International Kill Your Facebook Day (or variations upon that theme).

Unfortunately, I have such tenuous link with so many people I still need my account, though today I took the opportunity to scrub it of all my information other than my name and a fake religion called "fake-account-ism". I'm still one of Zuckerbergs pawns, but at least I'm no good to the third parties that cut his cheques. Well, less good, at least now they'd have to trawl their database looking for items people think they deleted but were just stored somewhere else or with a different database flag.

Its a reality check

Reading books such as Hoodwinked you could be forgiven for thinking the people of my generation are more ethical and have more of a desire to good socially and for the environment than previous generations. I suppose Zuckerberg is a splash of cold water and a solid reality check on this view. There are people of every generation who's motivation is profit above people.

Here's hoping Diaspora or another similar project can do to Facebook what Facebook did to MySpace.

The Whole Wheat Factor

Of course I'm also a hypocrite, as Jim Kloss pointed out this morning my time:

Thanks for adding the Whole Wheat Radio Player Ruben. We both made compromises. I wrote the unbelievably contorted code to add a simple link to Facebook profiles and you logged onto FB. ;-) —Jim

He's right, of course! In my defence, I figure the information from this widget is in the WWR community silo and not Facebook, and unlike most widget developers I trust Jim :).

For those who don't know, Whole Wheat Radio is an internet radio station and community wiki showcasing entirely independent music.