KDE icons merged with the Task Manager widget

I keep discovering new and wonderful things about KDE again since moving back! These tips are probably already well known, but just in case :).

The problem

If you use KDE like me, you probably have a series of launcher icons in your panel for easy access. The problem with this is on lower resolution displays they take up a lot of horizontal space, which reduces the amount of space your Task Manager widget can use to display window titles:

KDE icons merged with the Task Manager widget

The answer

The clever solution is to let the Task Manager widget handle your shortcuts instead.

  1. Remove all your application launcher icons
  2. Launch the application you use frequently
  3. Right click its button in the task bar
  4. Choose the Advanced menu
  5. Click “Show A Launcher For X when It Is Not Running”

Icons will appear to the left of the task bar as before, but when you launch applications, their corresponding launcher disappears. This quickly saves large amounts of precious screen real estate when you have many different windows open.

As Kmahjongg said to me in 2007:

Kmahjongg: You have won!