I wrote earlier in the week that I was relieved seeing the Internet being used to disseminate facts, especially in light of malicious actors who most certainly want to muddy the waters and divide us. I think just as large an issue is how joyless social networks are rapidly becoming. An informed populace is critical, but the unrelenting barrage of bad news and snark is soul-crushing.

So I loved that this perfect 10 routine by UCLA student Katelyn Ohashi was briefly one of the trending topics on Twitter. She was so friggen cool! Even if you know little about gymnastics beyond the fact they do seemingly impossible acrobatics, you need to check this out.

As of posting this, she’s still #19 on YouTube; not a small feat itself.

Watch Katelyn Ohashis 10 point routine

Alongside badminton—the national sport of Singapore—gymnastics were about the only aspect of school sport I didn’t entirely suck at. I still have huge respect for people who can pull off one of these moves, let alone entire routines like that, and with such personality and good humour. I think this frame captured it best.

I’ve also decided to share more stuff like this that makes me smile. To co-opt a prase from the religiously-inclined, heaven knows we need it.