Kao laundry powder scoop analysis


Upon purchasing a fresh box of power for use in laundry based applications, one began using the passive voice. One also began speaking in the third person, and observing a scoopal-design transformation.

Scoopal? Schoople? Which one am I?

Photo showing the aforementioned powder scoops

Forced haughtiness aside, the original scoop is in the foreground, new scoop in the background. The positioning was originally incidental, but I’m pretending it was deliberate to emphasise my assertion as to the older scoop’s superior design.

My reasoning

  • The sloped side allows easier scoopage of the powder than the paltry lip of the new one. Scoopage? The boxy shape of the new scoop uses a far higher angle of attack, therefore requires more force.

  • The handy lines indicate precise volumes, and therefore weights, of powder. The new one is, to use a term that would require cleaning by the aforementioned powder, a crapshoot.

  • The older scoop looks aerodynamic and sleek, because it is. The newer scoop looks boxy, because it is. If someone drove past you in one of those scoops, you’d immediately look cooler in the older design.

  • The colour of the older scoop is better than… wait, they’re the same.

  • The termination of the older scoop’s handle has less of a protrusion, because it’s largely unnecessary. Gentleman like me grip the entire handle, not just the end. Trust the design of the newer scoop to have an overtly bulbous device, and with the logo raised to render it that much more uncomfortable to hold if one were to do so. Uh oh, there goes the third person again.


I implore the manufacturers of Kao laundry powders to reconsider. It’s not a problem for me, I can keep using the old scoop. But newer customers will have a lesser laundry experience. And as I’m sure you’ll all fully aware, I’m an advocate for positive laundry experiences.

Which reminds me, every laundry power since time immemorial must come with a scoop. I understand the need for one upon purchasing a power box for the first time, but surely subsequent purchases don’t require additional scoops? Given their plastic composition, they’ll likely outlive us all.

Whether powders or liquid detergents are better is a mental and scientific exercise for another day that’s not Sunday.

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