July 2015 iPods


Despite not owning a current one, or not using one for years, I have a real soft spot for iPods. I got my original slab of white gold on my 18th birthday, and a followup 5G iPod Video after reaching a university milestone in 2006. In a way, they've always felt like a “life achievement unlock!”

These latest ones almost follow Apple's colour Tick Tock. They tend to introduce shockingly bright, wonderful colours during one cycle, then they're muted for the next. It happened with the original iMacs, then onto their other product lines.

I say almost followed, because that pink is dazzling, and that blue is almost my favourite schade [sic]. And I want one.

Don't get me wrong, I have no use for an iPod in 2015. My tiny computer phone handles my music and podcasts in a way these can't or shouldn't (to reach price points etc). But since when are my electronics purchases ever rational, especially when it comes to Apple?

Like that bookstore chain or low–patronage cafe you love, you wish they could live forever. But deep down inside, you know their days are numbered. I feel the same about the iPod, so any new release is a welcome reprieve from having to think about them disappearing, at least for another year or so.

Photo © Apple Inc, used here for review.

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