Josh Nunn on week numbers


Remember Josh Nunn? He was the gentleman who sent me his vintage computer that I unboxed on the Commodore 128 episode. He has some feedback on my use of week numbers.

But seriously, no one starts their week numbers on a Sunday, and no one considers the first full week as week 1 which is the way %U works.

I suppose he’s one of these monsters who pipes up at parties that the 21st century didn’t actually start until 2001, or that everyone should count their groceries from zero because that’s how arrays start. I’d use a linked shopping list… oh man, that was good.

But being technically correct is the best kind of correct, and he’s right. I’ve always started my week numbers on a Sunday. I’d also always assumed the first week is week one, as implied by the word first. What next, we should call them a pant rather than pants?

%V is where it’s at - ISO 8601. What are you going to blog next week - dates should be written ‘02/28/2019’?!

But that’s just an extra level of cruel. I write all my dates with YYYY-MM-DD because I like to think of myself as a standards-compliant gentleman, but tying that back to my hypocrisy about my use of week numbers was a one-two punch. I consider myself schooled.

He also pointed out:

And while I’ve got your attention, while I know you specifically love printf because it doesn’t do newlines by default, getting your email address from your about page might prove tricky to a n00b.

True! It’s another, perhaps slightly evil, extra spam filter.

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