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I love reading the Jordy Blog by Jordan Gunderson, all his posts are informative and interesting and the design of his site is very slick… not like mine ;).

In particular I liked his response to the recent court ruling in the United States against companies that edit and distribute "clean" versions of modern Hollywood movies.

The skinny of it is that U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch ruled that the distribution of edited movies (which have been scrubbed of objectionable content) violates copyrights.

My response: “Thank you from protecting me from those malicious sanitizers! My children will finally be protected from accidentally viewing a nudity-free ‘Titanic’! Thanks to your bitter reluctance to give your paying-customers what they want, society can finally rid itself of the harmful effects that occur when children aren’t exposed to graphic violence and soft porn on a regular basis. Again, thank you Hollywood for looking out for me and mine!”

© Jordan Gunderson

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