As my correct Commonwealth spelling and non-rhotic accent would confirm, I am not American. Nor, I shamefully admit, have I been there yet. Judging from my server logs and Twitter mentions however, my online activities draw more attention from the US (and Canada) than any other place.

To my wonderful American friends, this post is for you.

For the last year, I've been a listener of Roderick on the Line, Merlin Mann's candid weekly podcast with John Roderick of The Long Winters. Supertrain. Despite jovially hearing about the show from Back to Work dozens of times, it took me a while to come over. I'm a IT nerd, and figured it wouldn't have much to offer me.

Good grief though. John is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating, candid, honest, delightful people on the interwebs. I would say that about Merlin Mann too, but he's ego has surely been stroked enough on this site.

More importantly in the context of this post however, he's also (as we would say in Australia) an ideas man, Steve. His discussion of zipline and supertrain transit systems belie a deep appreciation of (and ability to propose) alternate, unconventional solutions to complex problems. We really don't need another stinking freeway, we need real change.

(As it stands, both Sydney and Melbourne here are going through similar debates, with opposition voices falling on deaf ears. It would have been enough for even the me of a few years ago to get cynical).

As you've grokked from the title, John is now running for Seattle City Council. Frankly, as an Australian/Singaporean I am neither legally nor ethically able to financially contribute to his campaign. What I can do though is spread the word, and I encourage you to as well.

If you're an American (especially those in Washington state), you owe it to all of us, not least those in Seattle, to contribute. You can also volunteer to be a minion.