John Howard PM For 10 Years


John Howard has now been the Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of Australia for 10 years.

Let's see what he's achieved for this great country during his decade term in office:

  • The worst environmental record of any Australian government for over 50 years
  • Throwing out any chance of Australia becoming a republic during his term, keeping the Queen of the United Kingdom our head of state. We are not an independent country, just a 'self governing Commonwalth nation'.
  • Sucking up to the US and making Australia a mere state of the US in the eyes of the global community
  • Involving Australia in the illegal war in Iraq, a decision most Australians opposed, and many argue has made Australia more of a terrorist target not less
  • Reforms to higher education funding making studying expensive, despite the fact the finance minister Peter Costello received free university education himself
  • The GST
  • The removal of university textbooks from the GST excemption list
  • Supporting the mandatory detention of refugees in horrendus conditions despite the fact it is in breach of the United Nations human rights code

Good work Mr Howard, looking foward to the next 10 years :).

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