John Black blames Labor woes on greenies


Usually I wouldn't dignify the likes of The Australian with my readership, but someone on Twitter linked to this article by John Black about how us Greenies are destroying his party and figured it was work a look-see. I thought I was only destroying the Internets by clogging all them tubes with my words and whatnot.

Greens 07 were very well-paid inner-urban renters who made extensive use of public transport and had few religious convictions. They tend not to have children until their late 30s, if at all, which makes them even richer and gives them lots of spare time to organise local political activities and annoy the rest of us.

That's right, The Greens are only taking votes away from your [formerly left leaning] Labor party because they annoy people. Yeah, that must be it! I've also read those greenies tend to get angrier at those calling themselves journalists who make broad, sweeping generalisations to attack them as if they're the only reason people are becoming bored with Labor's talk and no action.

For what it's worth, I am an inner-urban renter who makes extensive use of public transport and have no religious convictions, at least he got that bit right. Stick to reporting facts Mr Black, and you may have a shot at this here journalism thingy!

Now where’s my joint and John Lennon record?!

Oh crap, I didn't leave it lit ON the John Lennon record, did I? I am so friggen high, bro! Eh, my mum was a hippie, but I can't pull it off.

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