Jim Kloss on headaches


Speaking of Jim Kloss of Whole Wheat Radio, he noted my penchant for discussing migraines on Twitter last year, and shared this article series on Nature:

Most people would describe a headache as a dull pain, a feeling of pressure, perhaps accompanied by a stiff neck — an inconvenience, but not something requiring medical assistance. However, the more than one billion people who experience migraines and cluster headaches have a very different understanding. For them, a headache is a much crueller condition. Attacks strike repeatedly, each one capable of delivering unfathomable pain that lasts anything from minutes to days. These primary headache disorders are no mere annoyance — they are debilitating conditions which the medical community must do more to alleviate.

There’s some great content in these posts, including the most lucid and accurate description of visual auras I’ve ever read. I know I’m trouble when I start having kalidoscipic vision along my periphery. That sounds like a band name.

I got migraines at least once a week as a kid, which mercifully became a once or twice a year occurance. But I’ve had a marked increase again since early 2020. Obvious external anxiety aside, if anything I’m healthier now, so I’m not sure what it is.

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