The awesomeness that is @JerryNovak


I'm thinking of starting a Patrons of Rubenerd page, and putting Jerry on the top!

Over the last week or so I haven't been blogging as much as usual owing (hey, that's a pun) to assignments and upcoming exams. Sure I've maintained my Post A Day 2011 challenge with a series of shorter entries, but hardly anything that warrents a second glance!

This dip in quality however didn’t stop Jerry Novak from using the second donate button on my Buy a Coffee page and donating the highest sum I’ve ever received!

Jerry and I met through a mutual friend Frank Edward Nora from The Overnightscape podcast and now The Frank Nora Show. Back when I used to record the Rubenerd Show podcast he was one of my biggest supporters and most loyal listeners. For a couple of days before my family left Singapore he even made a stop over on a world trip to say hello!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank Jerry personally for his hugely generous donation, but even more for his friendship over the years. We've helped each other through some tough times and its always comforting to know you're out there on The Twitters. Thank you so very very much :)

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