Jerry Novak’s new Lensbaby Composer


(Update: Flickr profile was taken down)

A very good friend of mine and a nice guy Jerry Novak just uploaded a photo to Flickr he took using his new Lensbaby Composer. I thought it was beautiful until I reread his tweet, this was his first photo with it, now I'm also in absolute awe with waves of jealousy flowing through me like… waves.

I get the feeling I'll be describing myself as an amateur-amateur photographer for quite some time!

Jerry told on Twitter he was only able to get this one shot before security told him to stop; to their credit, the did let him keep this one picture. I think that's part of my problem as an amateur photographer (and podcaster, and blogger…), I'm far too self concious. Perhaps I just need to start taking my little D60 with my everywhere and just getting used to whipping it out in public.

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