JavaScript Junk Cleanout Continuing


My third auction selling… this time I parted with a copy of JavaScript for Dummies:

I bought this book while I was working for Peter at Veritas DGC in Singapore, but in the last few months all the effects on my website I've been able to accomplish using Perl/CGI and some basic CSS, which I think is more accessible than JavaScript. JavaScript has a place in more complex or important projects, but not in a funny webpage like mine ;).

Winning bid: AU $10.50
Ended 24-Feb-06 22:40:49 AEDST
Start time: 21-Feb-06 22:40:49 AEDST
History: 3 bids (AU $2.00 starting bid)
Winning bidder: rc1wom ( 4 )

So far I've been pleased with my eBay auctions, I've been cleaning out my stuff while at the same time making a few quid too, I think it's so far been a worthwhile exercise.

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