The @JamieJakov on my daily posts


I'm part of Post A Day 2014

@JamieJakov made an observation about my daily post challenge:

@Rubenerd you missed making a post on the 4th of March! Make one nau!

I'll admit I did want to do #PostADay2014; however unreliable internet and mental exhaustion after long days have had other plans. For those who need it spelled out, those were excuses ;).

Given the reality of my life right now, I'll still be aiming to write a daily post. If something extraordinary comes up that stops me from doing so though, I won't lose sleep over it. Well okay, that's a lie, but I'll attempt to feel okay about it!

A quick ls -1 | wc -l in my Jekyll posts folder shows I've written seventy two posts this year, and have missed three.

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