It’s beginning to look a lot like holidays


David Jones decorations, by rubenerd on Flickr

One of the many things I do miss about home was their penchant for decorating. Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, you name it. At those times of year along Orchard Road, Chinatown and Little India, the buildings and lamp posts would be decked out with seemingly no expense spared. It was impossible not to feel the warm fuzzy vibes of these holidays as you wandered down these streets.

(The other thing Singaporeans seem to love is getting in early. It was typical to see workers donning Christmas decorations on Tanglin Mall in late September; Chinese New Year decorations start to appear almost at the start of the Gregorian new year, not just the lunar one! A similar phenoma also occurs in KL, though not quite as extreme. But I digress).

When we first moved back here, I was surprised at how little Sydney gets tarted up for the occasion. Practically all the CBD looks the same as it usually does, save for a few brightly lit green cones in receptions. Still, there are some amazing displays if you head to the right places.

David Jones decorations, by rubenerd on Flickr

This afternoon, Clara and I camped out in the summer heat cold and shared a warm Toffee Nut Latte and Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks. Since I was 14 or thereabouts, my beautiful mum and I would share those exact drinks in our "office", which was the Starbucks in Paragon. Say whatveer hipster thing you'd like about globalisation, but the fact I was able to relive that special thing again today (this time with Clara) was so wonderful. For reference, take this one example from Christmas in 2009.

After that, we wandered down towards the Pitt Street Mall, which also didn't have any holiday stuff going for it just yet. Fortunately, David Jones had some amazing storefront displays with bright lights, and mechanically moving puppets, teddy bears and nut crackers. We could have just stood there watching them all night!

Call me old fashioned or a nostalgic fool, but I do like this stuff ^_^.

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