iTelephone 3.0.1


After a gruelling 15 minutes of waiting, my one year old iTelephone 3G's firmware has been updated to 3.0.1. Firmware sounds like a brand of steel toed work boots.

Neal reports over at though that 3.0.1 might not in fact make our iTelephones super duper kryptonite bullet proof at all. Oh bummer.

I absolutely adore my iTelephone for personal and university use, it is such a pleasure to use in it's own right and compared to every other handset I've ever had. I get the feeling though if I were to join the workforce full time tomorrow, I'd probably have to get a Crackberry or something similar for business use because I'd respect my clients enough not to put their contact information and other notes on such a provably insecure device. Here's hoping Apple gets their act together.

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