I do this every year or so because it’s a fun mental exercise. This isn’t a list of features I expect them to include, it’s features I’d love to see.

  • Better batteries. iPhones used to have excellent battery life relative to other phones; at best they’re mediocre now.

  • Grippable edges, ideally using the same design language as the gorgeous, flatter iPad Pro. I don’t think anyone prefers the slippery, rounded edges introduced in the iPhone 6 and carried on since.

  • Maintaining an LCD version like the XR and 8, because OLEDs still have accessibility problems.

  • A small, iPhone SE replacement. My iPhone 5s is still my second favourite phone of all time behind my Palms.

  • Better low-light camera performance.

And if I were really wishing hard:

  • Bright colours again, like the iMac DV of yore. Apple has been letting some of their old-school whimsy peek through again of late, I think this would be delightful.

  • A way to sync or at least backup with Linux, which people like me could then port to FreeBSD. I dislike Android, but I empathise with BSD people using them for that reason.

I tend to form odd attachments to my electronic devices, so I hold on to them for a long time. I love how simple the screen on my iPhone 8 is; no notch protrusions, it’s bright, and runs all the software I need. An iPhone SE replacement aside, I think I’ll be using this a while longer anyway.