It sure felt like a long weekend!


Long in the sense that it dragged on, not that we had an extra day.

We were informed of a close contact who contracted Covid, so we self-isolated for the two days. We took a brief walk outside with masks, but otherwise stayed inside the apartment.

I still can’t believe we did this for two years; even just a weekend of it left me feeling irritable and tired. My dad used to say the most exhausting thing you can do is nothing, and I’ve really come to understand this of late. Worse still, I missed seeing the sakura blooming in Sydney with friends for another year in a row now.

Some days you feel privileged, lucky, and grateful for at least having your health. That’s still important to remember regardless. But other times you remember that mental health is also health. If only you could fix that easily with an ibuprofen and some Tiger Balm!

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