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Just a warning message, if you are not a human being don't email Israel Brown:

I’m still concentrating on other things right now. I just wanted to pop up for a bit to comment on something I received as e-mail recently. I say that I always answer my e-mail, and it is true – I answer legitimate e-mail from *people* who don’t talk like spam-bots.

If you write to me and say something like “hey dude, hows the crap an stuff hangin. r u japanese???hmm?” as one “person” did, I’m probably not going to say anything in reply.

However, if you have a real question to ask or want to discuss something, I’ll be more than happy to carry on a conversation! Oh, and if you don’t speak English too well or something, please say so, or else I’ll just assume that your message is spam or that you’re some idiot playing around.

If you haven’t heard all the shows, please give them a listen. Also, feel free to comment on anything. I always answer my legitimate e-mail.

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