Another update from the infamous Israel Brown who's in Japan:

I’ve been to Tokyo again and am going a third time tomorrow. On this next trip, however, I will mostly be using the station as a way to get to Ueno and then I’ll be taking the train to Yokohama where I will spend the rest of my day.

As for Karaoke, I won’t be doing that. My first reason is that it is too expensive! The second reason is the fact that I’m completely alone and would have only myself to listen to. Finn is working every day until I go home, and I can’t speak Japanese at all, so I haven’t made any friends. In fact, I’ve been feeling rather hated lately with all the weird looks I’ve been getting.

The Internet connection here has been spotty and I’ve been busy, so I have a bunch of pictures that I never got around to posting:

He's really outdone himself with all his photos, but as usual I don't want to rip him off, so you can visit the Overnightscape forum post here.

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