Is Whole Wheat Radio down?


Just came back from working (on a Saturday, argh!) only to discover that I couldn't access the Whole Wheat Radio website, and both the low and high audio streams just keep buffering without sound :(.

Screenshot on my DIY Athlon desktop (FreeBSD 6.2 of course!):

Whole Wheat Radio error :(

Our DSL connection here in Malaysia is far from reliable so quite possibly this is a local problem, or it could be something else. Anyone else having trouble? I was all ready to put in another Kevin So request :(.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe it's offline for maintainence because at this time of day most of North America is asleep.

UPDATE: Sunday, 01:30am: The streams not being able to connect were a result of my computer changing its IP address. DHCP sucks. But I still can't access the site

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