This is a fantastic idea, Apple is now letting people buy iPhone apps and give them to other people as gifts!

I can absolutely see myself doing this for other people. My dad is buying an iPod Touch next month so I could buy him one of his motorbike magazines as an iPhone app as a present :). The potential marketing value this represents is huge. I mean, the marketing value of the concept, not the fact I'd be buying my dad a motorbike magazine iPhone app.

I just bought a copy of the Büno Destruct Designer for my sister because I'm obsessing over it right now and I'm such a nice brother :). Her response was "what the hell is this in my inbox?"

Anyone want to buy me the $50 Wolfram Alpha app?


Good grief, you do a Google Search for Büno Destruct Designer on Google and my blog is the first result! No doubt because I didn't spell it properly, it's actually the Büru Destruct Designer. Whoops!