It's been another very busy day today, though admittedly not as bad as yesterday. While waiting in a queue to have my teeth pulled and to deal with a banking teller (I forget which one ended up happening) I was using the Backgrounds application for the iTelephone that does exactly what it sounds like it does. Normally I uninstall anything with advertising on it in a heartbeat, but I enjoy Backgrounds too much. If they had a paid version without advertising, I'd buy it.

Now here's where the silliness starts. While looking for some nice scenery images I came across a page that had a series of night time shots, and below in the advertising slot there appeared a link to a website on sleep. For the first time in many years (at least 5+) I thought an online advertisement looked interesting, so I clicked on it. It took me to a website that was completely designed in Flash.

If the penny hasn't dropped yet, the iPhone does not have Flash… thank heavens! And yet here's a company with a website that's completely Flash driven advertising in a Google Mobile advertisement box that's intended for an iPhone.

It's like when I'm asked if I want new carpet or a patio extension when I'm living in a rented house, or when I visit a social anxiety support group website and the advertisements are for party organisers.