Stop the presses, iPad sells in Japan!


The iPad is selling like crazy over in Japan. And these people (amongst a chorus of others) told us even the iPhone was going be a disastrous flop in Japan, to speak nothing of the iPad!

in Japan, the world’s second largest economy, it was launched with the kind of fanfare typically reserved for a new game machine from Nintendo.

Friday morning at an Apple store in Tokyo’s Ginza district a line formed that was estimated at 1,200 people, according to media reports. Other stores in Tokyo, such as one operated by Soft Bank in Tokyo’s Omotesando area, also saw long lines.

Some people have some explaining to do, and no it's not just about marketing.

I'll be interested to see what HP/WebOS and Android bring to the table. Google's perplexing ChromeOS/Android rift needs to be nipped in the bud if they're going to have an even remote shot at creating a cohesive product line.

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